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Through the Castelhun and Trimble line, I am the great-great-great-grandson of Paulus Roetter (1806-1894), the well-known (at the time) landscape artist and biological artist who lived in Germany, Switzerland, Massachusetts, and Missouri.


As the family genealogist since 1993, I've noticed that some branches did not have any artwork that had been passed down to them, so this website is a way for them (not to mention the general public, of course) to be able to purchase the art for themselves.  This also gets more copies out into the world, in case anything bad happens to the originals.

The prices cover the costs of physically restoring, scanning (or oversized photographing), digitally restoring, reprinting, framing, handling, and shipping (which is included and not tacked on separately).  I then round up the totals to help cover the costs of other items.


For example, I recently spent over two grand to restore the movie poster-sized crumbling plaster plaque that honored the 70th birthday in 1898 of Friedrich Karl Castelhun.  And it costs over a thousand dollars each time to clean and restore more paintings.  In addition, there are the ongoing costs of $50 to $250 each to get all of the family's handwritten letters translated from German script to modern English.

I bring up these examples because I do not wish for my distant cousins to be offended that I am selling our family's works... all the funds go towards bringing back other artwork.  That is a significant goal of mine and I need a way to pay for it somehow.

Oh, and note too that this site will not feature just the works of Paulus Roetter himself, but it will also feature various other relatives and associates.  We come from a very artistic family, so there will be much to make available here (more items will get added soon).

Please read the the fine print for additional details, and go to the contact page if you want to reach out to me.


Scott Trimble

Paulus Roetter
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