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Painted by Oliver Sturgis Castelhun Bassett (1927-1975) in 1963, this watercolor painting features U.C. San Francisco (Parnassus Avenue), Mt. Sutro, Sutro Tower, and, in the foreground, Steinhart Aquarium (1923-2005).  It will be printed to matte paper and put in a black frame of approximately 12" by 20".


NOTE:  The prices cover the costs of physically restoring, scanning (or oversized photographing), digitally restoring, reprinting, framing, handling, and shipping (which is included and not tacked on separately). I then round up the totals to help cover the costs of restoring more artwork.


QUALITY: Every physical order will look better than what is on the website. The images here in the shop are greatly reduced in size and quality, and they're cropped to fit the boxes.  I didn't put watermarks on them because I want you to be able to save the images for free for your own personal use.  But the actual framed prints will be done from extremely high-quality files.  From a step or two back, the reproductions are near indistinguishable from the originals.

Steinhart Aquarium, by Oliver Bassett

$399.00 Regular Price
$249.00Sale Price
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