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Paulus Roetter Artwork:
The Fine Print

Customer Care

I am running this website and processing the transactions through Extremophiles Inc. which is my corporation that I use for my film production projects in my career in the film industry.  This is not some mega company, but just a private individual who is trying to make a few bucks to continue supporting my genealogy habit.  Every time I get some more family letters translated or restore another painting, my wife asks, how are we going to pay for that?  Well, I hope this website turns out to be the answer.  😃

Shipping Policy

Shipping costs are annoying.  You think you're getting something for a certain amount and then, suddenly, it becomes even more expensive.  For now, I am experimenting with keeping things simple by just factoring an estimated shipping cost into the flat item price.  So the dollar price that you see is all that you'll pay!  That only applies to orders in America.  I added a flat amount for international orders since they're so much more expensive.

Privacy & Safety

All of the financial transactions are handled internally by the website and the banks, so I am never privy to any account numbers and whatnot.  I'll get your name and shipping address, and neither of those will ever be published anywhere.  No data gets collected about you.  Of course, if you are related somehow, I'd love to hear about it!  Please write to me so we can trade genealogy information and other family details.

Return & Exchange Policy

First, note that every physical order will look better than what is on the website.  The images here in the shop are greatly reduced in size and quality, and they're cropped to fit the boxes.

But, of course, if you are truly dissatisfied with an item, then, yeah, sure, I'll absolutely take it back.  But remember that each item is printed and framed only upon demand, so there will need to be a restocking fee (which will differ for each item) so that I'm not completely ruined by the transaction.  Don't worry, it will be a reasonable number that works for both of us.  My goal is to keep people happy.

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